Creative activity


■北陶作品の特色 : Special Features of Hokutoh Creations


『北陶』では厳冬の日本海に潜って採った釉材「うなも釉」、 秀れた火焔操作による「油滴天目」、珠洲古陶を現代に甦せることをめざした「燻焼」、岩峰・医王山の薬石から作りだした 「釉彩医王山」などを特産としており、現在三名の作家が在籍しており、講師活動の他、自らの作品製作を行っています。


In addition to classes and lectures, Hokutoh’s three full-time artists produce locally-specialized works bearing a variety of unique characteristics. These include an “Unamo” pottery glaze made using silt gathered from the frigid Japanese ocean in winter, “oil-spot” tenmoku ceramics baked in a carefully-operated flame, and “Kunshoh,” a modern reproduction of a 12th-century pottery style called Suzu Ware that originated in Ishikawa Prefecture. Many of our pieces are created from materials sourced from Mount Io, located on the border of Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures.

■受注制作 : Order-made Products


陶壁や陶板をはじめとしたインテリアエレメントやアートワーク、引出物や贈答品など 実に様々な陶製品の受注制作を承っています。
具体的なイメージが無い段階でも結構です。お客様の想いをカタチとして創り上げていきますので まずはお気軽にご相談下さい。


We undertake a variety of made-to-order ceramics requests, including interior elements such as ceramic walls and tiles, as well as artwork, souvenirs, and gifts. We also accept orders that do not yet have a concrete image – we can give shape to the customer’s thoughts, so please consult with us freely.

■イベントの開催 : Organizing an event




・作家作品の企画展 など


Various events take place at Hokutoh throughout the year. Some events are open to non-members, so interested parties should please feel free to enquire.


・Ceramics Study Tour
・Bōnenkai (year-end party)
・Mochitsuki (mochi-making) party
・Ceramics product exhibition
・and more


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