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ironi+K Tablewear


石川県金沢市にある、『杜の中の工房 北陶』のプロダクト、『イノリ(inori)』シリーズから生まれたブランド。

“inori” を逆から読むと ”ironi” となり、”c” を足すと ”ironic(意味:皮肉な、皮肉を言う、反語の、反語的な)となる。石川を代表する九谷焼や山中塗のような、伝統工芸の流れに“ironic”なプロダクトをKanazawaから発信したい、という想いを込めて、『ironi+K (アイロニック)』というブランドネームに。


This brand was born out of the “inori” series, a product of the “Mori no Naka no Kobo Kitato” in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. If you read “inori” backwards, it becomes “ironi”, and if you add “c”, it becomes “ironic”. When “c” is added, the word becomes “ironic” (meaning: sarcastic, antonymic, antithetical). The brand name “ironi+K (ironic)” was created with the idea of transmitting from Kanazawa products that are “ironic” in the vein of traditional crafts such as Kutani-yaki and Yamanaka-nuri, which are representative of Ishikawa.

「Table Wearという選択を」


プロダクトのコンセプトは、「食器ではなく、Table Wearという選択を」



The concept of the product is: “Instead of tableware, choose Table

Wear. As the number of opportunities to eat at home has increased dramatically, the meaning, role, and concept of what is required of tableware has become completely different from what it used to be. What can we do with the “tableware” that colors our food? We have carefully incorporated our thoughts into the clay.


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